What Conveniences Here:
Information Service B2B
  • We provide free consultation on Corporate Social Responsibility standard audit, Customer Standard audit, and other factory compliance inspection:

    1) Corporate Social Responsibility standard audit, such as SA8000, ICTI (Toy Industry), EICC (Electronics Industry), WRAP (Clothing, Shoes and Hats Industry), BSCI (All industries), ICS (Retail Industry), SEDEX/SMETA (All Industries), SLCP (Social Labor Compliance Program), Ecovadis rating, etc.

    2) Customer standard Audit, such as Wal Mart, Disney, Nike, Carrefour, BROWNSHOE, PAYLESSS HOESOURCE, VIEWPOINT, Macy's, COSTCO, DISNEY, DOLLAR TREE, etc.

    3) Counter terrorism factory inspection, such as C-TPAT and GSV.

    4) TE (Textile Exchange) standard factory inspections, such as GRS, RCS, OCS, RWS, RDS, etc., and assistance in issuing TC (Transaction certificate) under such standards.

    5) Factory inspection on environmental compliance standards, such as Higg FEM, GTW (GreenToWear/Inditex), etc.

    Disclaimer: WTOBIZ integrates consulting knowledge resources. WTOBIZ is not a consulting company and does not participate in consulting contract; If you need assistance with inquiries, please send an email to: To express your needs or concerns.
  • Manufacture self-assessment

    Upon net and remote device, the manufacturing processes can be shown to buyer, for better know the overall profile and management system of the intended manufacturer, WTOBIZ presents manufacturing self-assessment file that on the principle of ISO9001:2015 as a communication tool of yours free of charge. Click to download. More self-assessment tools.